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Diary of a muttonbrd

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» The only good thing about 2006 is that it is OVER and I NEVER have to live that year again.
So bring the new year and the rest of life, for I am ready.

New Zealand has been pretty good (for me). On the whole, I'm pleased with the move. I am happy, the kids are happy, Chris is not unhappy.

I have a new job, I am a financial analyst for IBM. I remember now why I never wanted to work for an american company, but sort of forgot while I was doing the whole must... find... work... thing. It's an enormous beast of a company, and my job seems to be to manage a vast weight of global bureaucracy that is coated over evey thing like treacle making it sometimes difficult to acheive anything. The (copious) literature/propaganda all refers to me as an IBMer. Which after 1 month still makes me squirm. On the other hand I have all the hardware and software that my little geeky heart desires at my fingertips, and I am a contractor, not a perm, so I don't have to do all that hand-holdy touchy-feely stuff and they are paying me quite well. But they make me work hard.

The pay however is allowing me to do things I only dreamed of in the UK. The new lounge suite, deep enough to get lost in, is on it's way and paid for. The car is paid for. I'm out of debt for the first time in 5 years. I don't have any credit cards. And no more crappy IKEA self assembly furniture. No more house filled to bursting with arcade shit. The rooms are large and the windows are huge and the light flows through from dawn to dusk. I have space, man, space like I always needed and wanted.

Very warm at the moment. Humid. Flies breeding like, well, like flies in fact. And I forgot about the hole in the ozone layer that is such a problem here. One might spend a rare sunny afternoon outdoors in the UK and not suffer, but here, 30mins unprotected in the sunshine will send a fair skinned flower like me to lobster city. And even on overcast day the UV levels here are stupidly high. Melanoma is a big deal here.

I just thought of a good thing about 2006. A very special little person came into the world. I'm knitting him a cardie. 'Cause that is what self proclaimed honorary aunties do. I've got quite into the knitting, never did it much before, I've got many unfinished projects lying around. But in the last 4 months I've knitted a hat, a scarf, 3 other scarves, and a pair of socks. I made limoncello which turned out very nice, using lemons from the tree that grows in our garden. I gave some to my father for Christmas. (Imagine me passing my father an unmarked bottle of clear pale yellow liquid and announcing "I made it myself").
» (No Subject)
I know 2 people who might enjoy this great video

» /w
Today I am thinking that you don't know anything about most people really. And if you did know the real stroy of everybody you had to deal with then quite a lot of everyday social interation would be rendered quite difficult.

For example when I sat with furrowed brow on Wednesday night on the train on the way home, did you know that I was fretting about how to re-spec a level 48 rogue for PvE combat? And on Thursday night I could think of nothing else except how much my feet hurt. Then other times I think about stuff which you might find really offensive. Stuff that would make you not want to shake hands with me, run away and lock up your children. Would you know, though, to look at me, how offensive I can be? I doubt it. And most people I see as I go to and from work you wouldn't think so either. But I bet you anything you like that they have it there ticking away inside. The heart of darkness. Which is a book I have never read. *adds to list*

The person I have spoken to most in the last month is a 16 yr old pervert from Norway. Sometimes he is just a pervert. And sometimes he is just 16.

zilli guus
omg my weps r fkd g2g IF
wtf die!

and so on
Where did it all go wrong...
» Technical monkies make life hell
The applied a scurity patch over the weekend which made our 'self serve' MIS product cease to work, so inundated with calls from users who could no longer run their own reports.

This morning they have applied a security patch to all workstations which takes between 5 mins and 2 hrs to run. And in addition the building security folks have locked me out of my desk.

Anyone got a newspaper? Cos i'm not getting any work done here.

Downloaded a bunch of German pop/rock (Christina Steurmer and Juli) and have decided that german pop is largely rubbish. So Wir Sind Helden are unique in that they produce something enjoyable. I'll just have to wait patiently for them to release another album.
» Hello
Well I was going to delete my journal. Becuase the weight of those accumulated memories started to weigh heavy on me. In fact in a weird way it began to feel like having a loaded gun in the house. So deleted. And a couple of people noticed and may have been alarmed. And then a couple of interested people said oh but I like your journal. So I have compromised (what a fine art) and deleted the entries but left the journal active. So if I feel like it once and a while I can write in it, and of course I can continue to read the friends only entries of those who tend to do that sort of thing.

Today I anded our dining room table with an orbital sander. The palms of my hands tingle now, in a half pleasant half burning torture kind of way.
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